If you are a CLIL educator struggling to find quality native tongue science materials that engage young learners, ScienceWithMe!® has the solution for you!

At ScienceWithMe!® we embrace Content and Language Integrated Learning as one of the most progressive methodologies available today to teach young kids foreign languages.

We recognize that CLIL is gaining considerable momentum and is being integrated into curricula all across Europe. ScienceWithMe!® ’s high quality teaching materials will engage young children regardless of their native tongue and thus is the perfect addition to your CLIL program. What better way to learn English than to see it in context while learning science at the same time! Our three children, Loghlen, Luke and Leah, are all fluent in French and we used the CLIL approach to help get them there.

Here are some of things CLIL Educators are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

Dear Elva, I remember how excited I was when I first stumbled across your website. I work as a teacher trainer in Germany in a field that has been growing across Europe. We call it CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We have come to realize that teaching subject content through foreign languages (in our case it’s mostly English) has a lot of benefits over traditional approaches to science or language teaching. The combination of higher order thinking skills, authentic and challenging input along with rich opportunities to talk and interact seems to be really brain-friendly and, we believe, helps children learn better and faster. I am not sure if you have considered your website from that angle, but believe me, it is a treasure trove for CLIL teachers who often have a hard time finding suitable materials at a level of authentic language that primary kids can handle. Keep up the great work – and thanks for creating such an amazing site.
From Oliver

– Oliver Meyer, Germany

Hi Elva, I get your information through my e-mail and I just love it.
I am a Science teacher in a public school in Madrid. I love your posts. At the moment I’m working on a CLIL project. We teach English as a second language through contents of Science. I really like it! My friend and I have a blog called “CLIL For Success” where we try to inform about our studies and projects in Madrid. Hope you have time to take a look at it and give me your opinion or ideas. Thanks!
– Annie Paez, Madrid

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