For homeschoolers, it’s important to constantly provide new and interesting science activities that will stimulate a child’s passion for learning.

ScienceWithMe!® materials offer homeschooling families some of the most creative supplemental science materials available. The ScienceWithMe!® products are supplements to standard science education curricula.

They don’t replace what you’re already teaching, but they will help your children get more excited about science and give them a solid grounding in scientific concepts and terminology.

Here are some of things homeschoolers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

I’m a homeschooling mom of 2 and I really appreciate your site. My kids enjoy watching the animations and I really like using the worksheets as part of our curriculum. Thank you for your efforts!
– Leda Peterson, Austin, Texas

Hello as you can tell I am new to the home tutoring with my 2 children. I was reviewing your products and wanted to tell you all what a wonderful job you have done.
Thank You!
– Dawn Beard, San Diego, California

I just wanted to say thank you for making so much free! It is a HUGE blessing for our family’s strict budget! Thanks again.
– Natalie Johnson, Rockford, Illinois

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