Introduction to Astronomy

Introduction to Astronomy

In this Introduction to Astronomy E-Book your child will learn about the solar system, the phases of the moon, asteroids & meteoroids, black holes and galaxies

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What I advise parents of young children to do, is to go straight to the fun part and print out and handover the coloring sheets to your kids. I made the following coloring sheets for the 3 L’s and they did enjoy them!!

  • Color Our Solar System
  • Color and Label Our Solar System
  • Color Saturn and its rings
  • Label the Phases of the Moon
  • Color and Label the Orbit
  • Color the Asteroids
  • Color the Blackhole
  • And I have also included some Galaxy Coloring Sheets at the back

You can share little bits of information about our Solar System from the book as they color.

I also found that having them make the planets using Play-Doh really helped reinforce their love of learning and curiosity.

These small Play-Dohs are really perfect for 2-3 year olds and any pre-schooler or toddler interested in astronomy, science, mixing, squishing or making a mess will absolutely love to do this. Have fun all your peeps out there dedicated to nurturing our future generation!!!