Learn about Dissolving

ScienceWithMe! is trying to spread science and scientific thinking around the globe.

To this end, we have sponsored an expat in a rural community in Africa to get African kids doing science. Our goal is to get kids all over the world doing science experiments on a daily basis. It’s fun after all! We hope you in the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia follow suit! Enjoy this fun science activity with the children in your life! And be sure and leave Katy a comment below! comic_disolving

Do you want to see what types of things dissolve in water and what things don’t?

Here’s what you need:

  • A Glass
  • Water
  • A Spoon
  • Various things to test (i.e. salt, sand, flour, sugar, etc.)

glass_water One by one, Katy adds an item to the water, stirs and checks if it disappears in the water. After checking something, she empties the glass, rinses it out and fills it with water again. Then she’s ready to test the next thing. try_flour Katy tries the flour. stir_sand Katy stirs the sand. comic2

Katy separates and lists them according to whether they dissolve or not

Things that dissolve

Things that do not dissolve

Katy learned a lot about dissolving. Did you? katy

Bye! See you next time!!

Parent’s Corner This is a great experiment to let your child run free with! There are things all around that he or she can check. To classify them as dissolving, they need to disappear in the water and nothing must settle on the bottom. Sometimes the water might change color, but the solid substance has disappeared. Then you will say that it has dissolved. Sometimes too, if your child puts too much of a substance, some will settle on the bottom even though it is a substance that dissolves in water. This means that the water is supersaturated with that substance and can take no more. Make sure they add only small amounts. They can even check liquids such as oil and vinegar or food coloring. Have Fun with it!!