And it’s inexpensive! If you compare our program to the cost of tutors or learning centers, you’ll see immediately that what we’re offering is affordable as well as educational.

Easy and convenient! Your kids can watch our engaging animations on their iPads while riding in the car as you run your errands.

Or they can use our coloring books in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

Our songs are fun and easy to learn for both children and parents, so you can sing together and learn together!

Here are some of things parents are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

ScienceWithMe!® provides great exposure to scientific terms and concepts that they will hear in later years. It has helped my kids (ages 5 and 7) become much more comfortable with science. They don’t fear it at all. Thank you

– Toni Dedrick, Montgomery, New Jersey

Your web site is an excellent educational resource. My girls really enjoy watching your animations over and over again. I believe early exposure to science in such a fun and friendly way will alleviate any future fear of science for them. Thank You ScienceWithMe!®
– Teresa Weller, Hamilton, New Jersey

Thank you very much for the great e-book! My 7 year old devours science and has viewed most of the things on your site. Keep up the great work. This is a wonderful educational resource with appeal to right-brained visual learners. I will be recommending it to other homeschoolers on a list or two.
– Velma Mayfield, State College, Pennsylvania

Thank you for this amazing web site. I am a chemist, finished my Master degree in Slovakia and I remember how much I loved studying chemistry. Your web site brings back memories and the way I wanted to teach my son measuring and so much more…..Thank you and I am glad that I found your web site.
– Ladia Siozios, Slovakia

Hi Elva: The worksheets were great. They allowed my little one to have a greater understanding of the eye and to successfully complete the assignment. In addition we moved from the point of fear to excitement simply because coloring was involved. The animations and music that went with the topics have been also a hit with both of the kids and they will be frequent visitors as you have made the subject come alive and interesting for them. Prior to this they thought it boring and useless. THANKS for saving the day.
– Paula Cobourne, U.K.

Great resource! My son can’t wait to watch your animations each day. is our homepage!
– J. Molnar, Yardley, Pennsylvania