Please don't paint our planet PINK!

A story about climate change for kids and their adults.

A few months ago when I was in the middle of my website redesign, a gentleman contacted me by the name of Gregg Kleiner who has written a children’s book to help save our planet from further destruction due to climate change. Luke and I read it one morning together and he LOVED it. Here’s what he had to say about it when he finished reading it:

Despite being inundated with an extremely long list of “things to do” (you all know that list right?)  it has never left my mind to post about his wonderful book on ScienceWithMe! In summary:

Please Don’t Paint Our Planet Pink!: A Story for Children and their Adults

What might happen if we could SEE carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? What if CO2 were, say, pink? In this engaging, funny, and highly timely book for children (and their adults!), a young boy whose parents named him Wilbur “in honor of that pig in Charlotte’s Web” discovers the power of the human imagination and how he can tap that power to see a shade of pink so astonishing it just might save the Planet. With help from his geeky “dorkasaurus” Dad and a pair of bright green goggles, young Will learns all about carbon and caring, carpooling and climate change, and how learning to see “this particular pink” will help all of us keep our Planet cool. To buy a copy of Gregg’s wonderful book visit him over on Amazon to pick up your own copy!