As a preschool educator, you will be happy to learn that ScienceWithMe!® was originally developed in a preschool setting. The program performed very well, even though we chose not to hold back and over-simplify the material.

We believe that young children should be given every opportunity to learn as much as possible, and to set their own pace.

Our program is designed to mentally stretch the learning boundaries of young children and to get kids excited about science at an early age.

Here are some of things preschoolers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

Thanks so much! My kids have watched the animations all morning!
– Martha King, Aurora, Colorado

Awesome animations!!!!! My preschooler loves them.
– Kerri Yatsevich, East Hampstead, New Hampshire

Thank you for a wonderful science bundle!
– Lisa Sawtelle, Albuquerque, New Mexico