Science Experiment For Kids: Air Weighs Something!

It is easy to develop an interest in science among young kids. At Science With Me! we encourage you to start right now!

How?? Have your kids read our latest comic strip that shows how Loghlen, Luke and Leah discovered that Air Weighs Something! I hope that after reading our science strip your kids have learned another key scientific concept. What ya think??? Any “airheads” out there?? Science With Me! Making science fun for kids! Lock, could you carry some more boxes? It’ll be quicker if we take all this junk to the basement at once. Ooohhh, no, I can’t! It’s so heavy, I’m carrying too much already! Ahahaha! What do you mean? Those jars are empty. No they’re not! They’re full of air. Air weighs something you know! And I can prove it to you!! All I need is my football to prove it! I’ll bet you that it weighs less when I deflate it. Okay! If I win this bet, then you have to carry all of that junk down to the basement! You’re on!! What are you two doing? I am about to win a bet! Now, see how much this football weighs with air inside it. Wow, footballs are heavier than I thought. And when I take all the air out of the football how much will it weigh? More or less? !! Oh hey, look at that! The football weighs less now. I had no idea that air has weight. Nooooo!! Yes, I won! ! Wow Lock. I’m impressed. I guess you’re not such an airhead after all!