Science for Kids: Air is Matter - it occupies space and has mass.

ScienceWithMe! encourages children to work on their own and to investigate and solve problems as scientists do. Kids are naturally inquisitive and therefore naturally scientific so visit us regularly for lots of fantastic science play ideas for children.

Here’s a comic sketch that teaches Loghlen, Luke and Leah a basic scientific concept i.e. that Air is Matter – it occupies space and has mass. I hope that after reading our science strip your kids have also learned today’s key scientific concept. The last piece of chocolate cake… I know how to decide who takes the last piece. Let’s play eye spy. Whoever wins first gets to eat the cake. NO!! AW, why not? We’ve sworn never to play eye spy with you again! You always pick hard to see things and win! Fine, fine. I promise that this time I’ll pick something that’s right in front of us, and that takes up lots of space. Okay? okay!! Okay. I spy with my little eye… Something beginning with… A Apple. No. Animal? No. Agitated eye spy players?! Nope. Oh, come on! You said you’d pick something easy! But it’s really easy. It’s an object that has mass, it takes up a lot of space, In fact you’re standing in front of it right now! Do you give up? Yes! Please tell us what it is! Are you sure…? YES! It’s Air. nice cake! A-Air…? I demand a rematch!