“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” – Japanese proverb
A little extra help at an early age can make a huge difference in a child’s confidence, and ScienceWithMe!® was created with early exposure as a primary goal.

ScienceWithMe!® helps students eliminate any fear of science that might stand in the way of their ability to learn. Our products and processes can help to build a functional literacy in scientific concepts that will help children excel in the classroom… without the pressure of tests or grades!

Our products were designed for the short attention spans of young children. As parents of three children ourselves, we understand what it takes to create that special spark of interest. Our principal philosophy is the premise that kids, when put in the right environment and asked the right questions, are smart enough to figure things out for themselves. Our products help children to extract knowledge and make their own sense out of what they see and hear.
In the classroom, a single license to our Activities Bundle can be used for the whole class (schools and districts need an institutional license – see below).

Here are some of things teachers are saying about ScienceWithMe!®

Thank you ScienceWithMe!® As a teacher who is constantly searching for new material, your site is a real life-saver. Keep up the great work.
– Mr. Jones, Muscatine, Iowa

Hi Elva, I am a special needs education assistant (level 3) and have been for sixteen years. I am currently studying my bachelor of education degree externally and am in my third year. However, at school, I have to teach a special needs group, with autism and some are students at educational risk. Often I have to modify the lessons to suit my students and I your materials help me a lot. Many thanks
– Sharon Wilson

Being a Science teacher and a mom I find this site an awesome tool to teach science to my kid and to create more interest in the subject. He just loves the Bee Song and it’s an amazing video indeed, so also is Stanley the Skeleton. Kudos to your wonderful job.
– Devi Bala Chandrasekar, Princeton, New Jersey

I think your materials are wonderful and so useful. As a teacher I love materials that are built like yours where the student can learn in such a fun way.
– Mary Lou Suckling, Salem, Oregon